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Land of Contrasts

Oregon Cattlemen's Association
Land of Contrasts Videos
Funded by the Oregon Beef Council

Below are the Land of Contrasts video links on Land of Contrasts DVDs and brochures can be purchased on the OCA Online Store page or by contacting the Oregon Cattlemen's Association at 503-361-8941 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Land of Contrasts: Ranching's Commitment To Wildlife (complete video 10 min)

Nearly 70% of Oregon's wildlife spends some or all of their lives on working ranch land. Here, they find good, free, reliable sources of water and the isolation they need to survive and thrive. Species like elk, deer, sage grouse and salmon benefit greatly from the habitat-improvement efforts of ranchers.

All across the state, in every county and every valley, good work is taking place to improve the environment. The reason is simple: ranchers understand that healthy land and streams not only benefit wildlife and fish, but also improve the economic viability of their businesses.

Oregon is home to a community of 12,000 ranching families who care deeply about the natural resources under their care. These are people who have a vested interest in the health and sustainability of the environment, and an economic stake in the future of land, water and wildlife.

Land of Contrasts: Ranching's Commitment to Oregon Part 1 of 2 (first half of complete video 5.27 min.)

Using well-managed and renewable resources, ranchers ensure the economic viability of communities, the strength of businesses and sustainability of families across the state. All told, the sale of cattle and calves contributes nearly $644 million directly to the state's economy. Those dollars turn over multiple times in Oregon's communities - equivalent to $4.5 billion in yearly economic activity.

Today, cattle production is the state's No. 1 ag food sector. In addition, the state's farming and ranching families contribute 10% of the state's economy - that's jobs, businesses and economic strength for today and tomorrow.

Land of Contrasts: Ranching's Commitment to Oregon Part 2 of 2 (second half of complete video 6.14 min.)

All of Oregon's farming and ranching industry depends on an abundance of quality water. During the last century, the ranching industry has played a key role in developing the state's water resources for the benefit of recreationalists, wildlife, fish and agriculture.

Across much of the arid reaches of Eastern Oregon, streams that once dried up in the summer now run year-round. Valley floors that were once dry desert, now teem with green grass. Ponds and wetlands, once a scarcity across much of the state, now provide waterfowl with habitat. These benefits are due in large part to the private investment and the ongoing commitment of ranchers to protect and improve the state's natural resources.